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Greenhouse specialised in growing Chrysanthemums, Ridderkerk, zuid-holland, Netherlands

RF  |  IS09AP7EJ

Workers using digital tablet for testing springs in laboratory
Engineer lifting high pressure steam turbine with crane in workshop
Worker inspecting products on production line in pharmaceutical factory
Young male vodka distiller adjusting valve in distillery workshop
Student operating equipment in ship's engine room simulator
Colleagues looking at ecigarette in ecigarette factory
Engineers with low pressure steam turbines in repair bays in workshop
Child's model rocket
Engineer working with aluminium in factory
Worker looking at product in ecigarette factory
Scientists in clean suits operating machinery
Worker wearing protective clothing in ecigarette factory
Engineer wearing safety glasses and inspecting steel rods
Manager and working looking at component in engineering factory
Engineer inspecting cutting tool in steel tube in factory
Workers having discussion in ecigarette factory
Apprentices inspecting section of car body in car plant
Car workers discussing work with digital tablet on production line in car factory
Apprentice wearing boiler suit inspecting car body parts in car plant
Portrait of mid adult woman standing on newly solar paneled house roof
High angle view of woman examining while writing on clipboard in boat
Rows of rotor blades, component part for off shore wind turbines,  Bremerhaven, Bremen, Germany
Speaker presenting with wind turbine model
Two male environmentalists checking samples on seashore
Portrait of worker in factory that specialises in creating functional circuits on flexible surfaces
Male scientist in protective clothing and goggles working with a laser in a laboratory
Male scientist inspects particle accelerator with a torch
Pipes in power plant
Business people checking workout app on woman in workshop
Workers inspecting product in pharmaceutical factory
African technician working with machinery
Young woman with diagram on window
Speaker leading presentation
Mid adult male technician testing cables in engineering plant
Railway worker checking railway track levels, surface level view
Petri dishes
Workers looking at computer monitor in engineering factory
Man working in brewery
Scientist in clean suit operating machinery
Engineer using tool to measure components in engineering factory
  Industrial glass blower welding glass tubes
Worker at small parts manufacturing factory in China looking through microscope
Workers checking order in engineering factory
Scientist with computer
Manager and workers discussing paperwork in engineering factory
Engineers inspecting complex metal component in factory
Engineers at lathe controls in factory
Pipes in a power plant
Portrait of drilling rig worker in hard hat and workwear
Hispanic girl with model wind turbine doing homework
Students operating equipment in ship's bridge simulation room
Brother and sister generating light from wind power, Zeeland, Netherlands
Butterfly with circuit board wings perching on flowers
Railway workers using digital tablet to discuss work
Industrial glass blower looking through glass forming lathe
Portrait of worker with arms folded in engineering factory
Portrait of manager with arms folded in engineering factory
Woman in grass with windmill
Students operating equipment in ship's bridge simulation room