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Mature man using laptop in factory

RF  |  IS098TL90

Workers using digital tablet for testing springs in laboratory
Factory supervisor monitoring product levels on interactive display
Bottles on conveyor belt in bottling plant
Engineer inspecting machinery in factory
Worker inspecting products on production line in pharmaceutical factory
Engineers inspect plans on digital tablet in engineering factory
Engineer working with aluminium in factory
Manager and working looking at component in engineering factory
Low angle view of worker inspecting engineered steel die in factory
Crane hooks on floor
Conveyor belt in factory
Workers talking in metal plant
Overhead view of worker inspecting biscuits on production line in food factory
Engineer inspecting cutting tool in steel tube in factory
Worker watching robotic packing machine in biscuit factory
Engineer with handheld computer
Biscuit factory worker inspecting freshly made biscuits on production line
Workers in biscuit factory discuss production next to conveyor of freshly made biscuits
Close up of bobbins in industrial loom in textile mill
Male weaver turning wheel on old weaving machine in textile mill
Male engineer and business people looking at storage shelves in industry
Steel cutter at work in shipyard
Brewery worker examining beer in beaker
Apprentices inspecting section of car body in car plant
Car workers discussing work with digital tablet on production line in car factory
Apprentice wearing boiler suit inspecting car body parts in car plant
Worker with tablet computer in warehouse
Engineer in factory
Side view of construction worker welding
Worker inspecting car body pressings in car factory
Hispanic workers working on assembly line
Engineer outside factory
Confident brewery workers near vats and kegs
Car assembly workers fitting doors to cars on production line in car factory
Car bodies being dipped in car factory
Mature man inspecting factory equipment
Silhouette of factory buildings at sunset
Row of mineral water bottles on conveyor belt
Conveyor belt in factory
Cars on production line in car factory
Factory workers in bottling plant
Site foreman advising apprentice with plans in partly completed factory
Mature man with blueprint in factory, portrait
Workmen in reflective clothing climbing steps of screening conveyor at quarry
Workman checking pipes on building site in partly completed factory
Empty blue bottles in bottling plant
Brewer's hands filled with grain, kegs in the background
Workman in reflective clothing using walkie talkie to communicate to colleague at quarry
Hispanic baker carrying tray of muffins in bakery
Factory workers examining storage tanks
View of workers through window frames in joinery
Soldiers advancing on abandoned train tracks
Workers checking tanks in bottling plant
Portrait of worker in factory that specialises in creating functional circuits on flexible surfaces
Engineers designing industrial clutches using CAD software
Workers inspecting product in pharmaceutical factory
Engineer in factory
Paint spraying robots in car factory
Mid adult male technician testing cables in engineering plant