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Portrait of a ceo in his office

RF  |  IS189-043

Engineer lifting high pressure steam turbine with crane in workshop
Engineers with low pressure steam turbines in repair bays in workshop
Businesswoman talking on phone in office
Portrait of a ceo in his office
Workers looking at computer monitor in engineering factory
Workers checking order in engineering factory
Businesswoman talking on phone in office
Worker turning wheel on oil rig
Worker turning wheel on oil rig
Ceo playing a game of chess
Businessman slipping on wet office floor
Tired office worker
Lateral pass, defensive line on muddy field
Worker and manager meeting in engineering warehouse
Stressed mature businessman in office
Frustrated businessman using laptop
Woman using tablet computer in bed
Stressed man looking at laptop
Blood pressure gauge with medical team discussing in background
Female doctor sitting cross legged in hospital corridor
Dental assistant talking to boy in dentists chair
Two workers looking at digital tablet in engineering warehouse
Young businessman leaning against car with hand on head
Businesswoman looking at mobile phone and smoking outside office
Doctors and nurses wheeling patient down hospital hallway
Chewed pencil
Father looking at baby carriage while using laptop at dining table
Portrait of runners
African businessman hiding behind stack of paperwork
A businessman holding a hammer
Man exercising with weight machine in fitness center
Couple in mountain landscape
Frustrated businessman using laptop
Two hands browsing through a pile of paper in an office
Couple in mountain landscape
Focused businessman working at laptop in cafe
Man jumping off rock
Businessman contemplating against reflective wall
High angle view of young female web designer at office desk
Hand on man's forehead
Businesspeople sitting on opposite sides of screen partition, working
Portrait of mature male teacher in classroom
Businessman leaning on shelves
Financial traders with screens
Chinese businessman text messaging on cell phone
Businessman using smartphone by glass wall
Engineers in seawater pumping station of power station, high angle view
Caucasian businessman working late in office
Paramedics moving patient through hospital doorway
Woman typing
Warehouse worker checking crates in engineering warehouse
Paramedics giving patient heart massage in ambulance
Business executive pondering with hand on hip
Chefs preparing food in kitchen
Man working late at office desk with calculator
Businesspeople laughing
Young woman holding files outside city office
Workers fitting top to complex mould in foundry
Doctor rubbing his forehead in office