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Woman taking a strawberry from bowl

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Sunset over palms at a beach in Big Sur, California, USA
A Maasai man with an old replica safari vehicle near Cottars 1920s Camp in Cottars Conservancy, Kenya
The thick roots of a Canarium tree growing above ground in the jungle on the island reserve Nosy Mangabe, Madagascar
A vineyard overlooking the church and town of Saint Emilion, France
Friends having drinks together outdoors
Couple driving vintage convertible
Car driving along road, reflection in wing mirror
Woman with vintage convertible
Woman driving vintage convertible
Close up of woman?s profile
woman by window painting
Industrial fans on wall
man and woman on top of mountain
Family smiling and sitting at gate
Family running together in country field
Family playing with nets in stream
couple by front door of house embraced
couple by front of house
Room with open windows and great view
Wildlife in snowy winter landscape
The skyline of the old city, with the ancient Ummayad Mosque, in Damascus, Syria
Dog sledding in thick snowy forest
Terrace view of San Francisco Bay
Couple on peddling boat on water
A bicycle stood in front of a shop window in Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Man and woman walking up stairs
Young couple driving in car
Fishing boat in icy waters, Disko Bay, Greenland
Ekom waterfall in the Littoral Region of Cameroon
Couple relaxing on dock of lake
Woman sitting in the grass
Young boy on a dock near a boat
Senior Adult man and adult son
Couple walking in waves on beach
couple having picnic
Woman carrying surfboard on beach
Shoes and doorway to villa
Man carrying girlfriend piggyback
Hiker walking on rocky mountaintop
Woman driving vintage convertible
Yellow paint pouring into bucket
Close up of lavender flowers
Family in the park
Young couple driving in car
Jungle landscape, Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.
couple sat by swimming pool,embraced
Couple sitting in restaurant booth
man and woman looking out from mountain
Family with daughter on bicycle
Family sitting on blanket in countryside
Family running in country field
couple by front door of house
Family running in country field
Woman lying in grass with flowers
Woman in field holding flowers
Family lying on blanket in countryside
Woman walking with bike on country lane
Mother and child with bike and picnic
Family sitting laughing hugging in field
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