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Suchresultat: industrial equipment
Engineer inspecting machinery in factory

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Bottles of mineral water moving on conveyor belt in bottling plant
Workers walking through biomass facility, low angle view
Bottles on conveyor belt in bottling plant
Employees loading cardboard boxes of products into truck trailers in a distribution warehouse loading dock area, one checking a manifest.
Working in cast iron foundry
Large recycling and garbage container on the Salt Flats
Male warehouse worker packing cardboard boxes for conveyer belt
USA, New York State, New York City, Portrait of young man standing with arms crossed in front workbench and motorcycle
Container ship in urban harbor
Tug workers on tug looking up at container ship
Green boxes loading into airplane
 Container ship on river harbor, Tacoma, Washington, USA
Tug workers on tug with container ship in background
Male brewer pulling beer vat on pallet truck in brewery
Green boxes on carts in airfield
Workers reviewing paperwork in factory
Worker on pipes at chemical plant
View of cargo container loading for shipment at commercial dock
Large recycling and garbage containers on the Salt Flats
USA, Virginia , Forklift operator in furniture factory
Workman checking pipes on building site in partly completed factory
Workers unloading boxes from truck
Engineer in factory
Empty road
Workers In Coal Fired Power Station
Carpet thread in creel in carpet factory
Port Workers Inspecting Cargo
Aluminum metal rolled up in factory
Engineers in discussion in reactor hall in nuclear power station
USA, Montana, Crop duster spraying fields
Engineer With Turbine
Cargo containers on freighter at shipping port near tugboats
Engineer In Wind Turbine
High angle view across freight harbour with stacks of cargo containers and shipping cranes.
Engineers Above Turbine Hall
Workers talking in metal plant
Empty road
Conveyor belt and bottles of mineral water in factory
Portrait of engineers in reactor hall in nuclear power station
Foreman and apprentice in doorway in factory of building site
Brown coal opencast mine, Juchen, Germany
Workers examining equipment on site
USA, New York State, New York City, Portrait of young man in garage posing with motocross bike and holding helmet
High angle view of workers handling car parts as they come out of press in car factory
Two men unloading cardboard boxes from truck
Crane unloading container ship at commercial dock
Worker in food factory with salmon filleting machine
Tug workers on tug with container ship in background
Cargo containers on freighter at shipping port
Worker adjusting gauge at oil refinery
Stack of cargo containers
Engineers at work
Workers at underground gas storage plant
Man driving forklift truck
Steel workers inspecting molten steel in flask, high angle view
Site foreman advising apprentice with plans in partly completed factory
Stack of cargo containers
Close up of red pipes in city center
Workers with pipes at gas storage plant
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