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Businessman touching lines of light

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Cropped shot of  young designer using smartwatch at office meeting
Male carpenter explaining blueprint to trainees in workshop
Father and son looking out of window of solar panelled roof
Man holding basket standing outdoors in tea plantation, carefully picking tea leaves.
Car bodies on production line in car factory
Man holding basket standing outdoors in tea plantation, carefully picking tea leaves.
Workers walking through biomass facility, low angle view
USA, New York, New York City, Office employees holding meeting on urban roof
Test driver in crash helmet in supercar
LED bulbs in factory, close up
Scientist pipetting sample into a petri dish in a laboratory
Evolution of the light bulb - from Thomas Edison to energy saving bulb
Businesswoman preparing presentation on graphical screens
Designers choosing fonts on digital tablet in office
Engineer in discussion with racing driver in supercar, overhead view
Butterfly with circuit board wings flying over grass
Group of researchers having meeting
Multi-ethnic students using digital tablet at desk in classroom
Close up of person holding freshly harvested green tea leaves.
Person using waterproof video camera
Mid adult man looking at lights coming from digital tablet
Engineer inspects carbon fibre car body shells in racing car factory
Engineers discussing supercar in sports car factory
A precision micropipette is used to transfer a small amount of liquid to a test tube. Pipettes are commonly used in chemical and biological laboratory research
Female dancer mid air with blue powder explosion
Close up of liquid in pipette
A light microscope examining a sample in lab for pharmaceutical research
Senior businessman looking at colleague using digital tablet in office
Close up of fiber optic cables
USA, New York, Brooklyn , Man standing next to coffee roaster
Scientist adjusting a mirror with an optics table in the foreground and a vacuum chamber behind
Female cyborg practicing yoga in futuristic bedroom
Close up of dropper in petri dish
Close up of person holding freshly harvested green tea leaves.
Scientist examining chemicals in lab
Orange with drinking straw sticking out
Bundles of illuminated optical fibres used to carry high volumes of data
Glowing lights and young woman using smartphone
Business people stacking green blocks
Workers using digital tablet for testing springs in laboratory
Fibre optics flowing through circuit boards from a laptop computer, close-up
Business people in discussion with graphical data projection
Factory supervisor monitoring product levels on interactive display
USA, New York, Brooklyn , Man and young woman posing in front of coffee sacks
Brother and sister generating light from wind power, Zeeland, Netherlands
Woman looking at a light bulb
Young businesswoman holding smartphone with lights coming out of it
Businessman using digital tablet with lights
Man standing in front of solar panel
Mixed Race woman pointing to virtual screen outdoors
Engineers assemble supercar in sports car factory, overhead view
USA, New York, Brooklyn , Man in cap in coffee bean warehouse
CFL lightbulb shaped like a brain
engineers working on solar panel
Creative business people reviewing proofs in sunny office
Man and daugther in front of solar panel
Great rotunda of Guggenheim Museum
USA, New York, Brooklyn , Man operating industrial coffee bean roaster
Engineers inspecting complex metal component in factory
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