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Staphylococcus aureus

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Scientists testing samples in laboratory
Scientist pipetting sample into a petri dish in a laboratory
A precision micropipette is used to transfer a small amount of liquid to a test tube. Pipettes are commonly used in chemical and biological laboratory research
Close up of a selection of colourful butterflies and beetles in a display case at a museum.
Close up of liquid in pipette
Close up of a selection of colourful butterflies and beetles in a display case at a museum.
A light microscope examining a sample in lab for pharmaceutical research
Test tubes in fridge
Scientists examining test tube in lab
Close up of dropper in petri dish
Scientists working in testing laboratory, wide angle view
A girl doing an experiment
Scientists in full protective clothing and masks working together with product, in laboratory clean room
Elementary student examining molecule model
Female doctor in laboratory
Scientific samples in storage containers
Electronics worker in clean room with silicon wafer
Female scientist injecting water in flask on boat in sea
A computer screen at a work station in a research and development site.
Test tube on weight scale
Young male scientist pipetting into beaker in lab
Female scientist viewing test results on a digital tablet in lab
Automated blood screening
Technician looking at test tube in laboratory
Biology students working in lab
Scientist examining molecular model
Researchers hand mixing solution from pipette in bottle at lab
Three banknotes in test tubes
Test tube rack
Three volumetric flasks
Mixed Race woman using microscope
Blood vessels
A portrait of a Caucasian female technician in a technical research and development site.
Scientist holding sample in laboratory with analytical scientific equipment
Labium minus
Technician looking at test tube in laboratory
Pills in multiwell dish on digital tablet displaying DNA sequencing
Rack of test tubes with solution on counter in lab
Scientist examining DNA autoradiogram
Scientist working in lab
Female scientist pipetting sample into a vial for analytical testing in a laboratory
Pipetting sample into multi well tray
Female scientist looking through microscope in laboratory
Scientist examining seeds in test tubes
Close up of histopatology slices
Baby dummy frozen in ice to illustrate frozen human embryos
Scientist in laboratory with analytical scientific equipment
Portrait of worker in factory that specialises in creating functional circuits on flexible surfaces
Mixed Race woman using microscope
Scientist using multi-channel pipette to fill multiwell plate for analysis of antibodies by ELISA assay, Jenner Institute, Oxford University
Female scientist working in laboratory
Scientist looking through mixing vessel
Microplate and pipette
College students conducting scientific experiment in science laboratory classroom
Two empty petri dishes
Scientists with sample in laboratory
Female scientist working in laboratory
Male scientist working with product under lamp in clean room
Male and female scientists inspecting product in laboratory
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