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Bordeaux grapes, Gironde, France

RF  |  IS098V2Y7

Older man picking fruit from tree
Kids eating watermelon at the beach
Red skinned apples on a tree in an orchard.
Ripe apple on tree in fruit orchard
Close up of person standing outdoors, holding metal bowl with fresh yellow and red plums.
Young woman eating a strawberry
Crate with red grapes in vineyard
Woman balancing apple on head outdoors
A variety of tomatoes
Close up of bowl of blueberries
Peaches at a market
Woman holding apple
Farm-to-table chef carrying bushel of fresh harvested tomatoes in vegetable garden
Father and son looking at grapes
Red wine and red grape
Man in orchard holding box of cherries
Close-up of fresh gooseberries bunch
A man and a boy toddler among rows of bright yellow, green and orange pumpkins in autumn.
Close-up of woman's hands holding pumpkin
Woman taking a strawberry from bowl
young girl eating berries from fingers
Mature couple picking apples
Tomatoes on plant
Half an orange
Man and boy with apples, sitting on logs
Laughing girls eating apples outdoors
Woman eating a strawberry
Figs on black plate
Sandwiches on plate
Woman picking strawberries
Pacific Islander boy eating apple outdoors
Woman holding fresh corn on the cob
A small boy sitting among rows of bright yellow, green and orange pumpkins in a field, laughing.
Food scientist examining vine tomato plants in greenhouse
Tomatoes on plant
Portrait confident grower with crates of ripe red tomatoes in greenhouse
Curious girl picking apple in orchard
Portrait confident businessman at crate of ripe tomatoes in greenhouse
Half a grapefruit
Close up of man slicing cheese
Cherries in chocolate
Cropped shot of girl holding a fresh strawberry in garden
Farmer standing in wheat field
Harvester in barley field
Smiling woman holding fresh vegetables
Portrait smiling grower inspecting ripe red vine tomatoes in crates in greenhouse
Purple potatoes in a row on wooden table
Quality control worker inspecting ripe vine tomatoes in bins in food processing plant
Hands holding strawberries
A woman holding a strawberry
Close up of bunch of blueberries
Girl picking apple from apple tree in orchard
Woman holding apple
Variety of tomatoes at the market
Woman holding basket with apples
Close up of watermelon slices
Close up of bowl of plums
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