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Girl with cell phone picture of herself

RF  |  47sig0033rm

Scientists examining test tube in lab
Young woman using wheelchair pressing control for city elevator
Close up of stethoscope and lab coat
Portrait of man with prosthesis leg in park
Young male scientist pipetting into beaker in lab
Laboratory technician bending to take closer look at machine
Biology students working in lab
Woman with granddaughter outdoors
Close up of man holding thermometer
Close up of histopatology slices
Boy watching father use laptop
Mid adult male technician testing cables in engineering plant
Farmer in corn field quality checking corn plants
Young female scientist making research notes on lab workbench
Man working in grinding workshop
Corner section of machinery in grinding workshop
Sparks on grinding machine
Man monitoring grinding machine in workshop
Factory worker wearing overall and hair net looking at camera
Man working on production line in brewery
Laboratory technician writing notes
Woman working in food production factory looking at camera smiling
Man's hand serving hamburger from fast food van
Young female university student using wheelchair using computer at desk
Young man using wheelchair watching tv with friend in kitchen
Woman reading paperwork pinned to wall
View through shelves of factory worker looking at produce
Female doctor sitting cross legged in hospital corridor
Stonemason using chisel  and mallet to create sculpture
Woman in workshop polishing alphorn
Happy technician in factory
Portrait of manager and industrial machinery
Young man serving hamburger from fast food van
Male computer technician in server room
Girl using cell phone with teddy bear
Portrait of young woman using wheelchair talking on smartphone
Close up of female potters hands forming clay pot on pottery wheel
Engineer adjusting control panel in power station
Male meteorologist texting on smartphone at outdoor weather station equipment
Portrait of man with prosthesis leg cycling
Cropped view of man working in food production factory
Mid adult woman with prosthetic leg, in garden, watering plants
Disabled father with son playing on floor
Young female scientist looking at digital tablet outside laboratory
Young male technician ordering on smartphone whilst using digital tablet in workshop
Male doctor using smartphone
Scientist using microscope in lab
Mid adult woman with prosthetic leg, carrying mugs, outdoors
Mid adult woman with prosthetic leg, sitting on fence
Factory technician inspecting network cables
Factory engineer testing machinery in factory
Technician writing on clipboard in factory
Technician working in laboratory
Young woman holding model wind turbine
Female scientist reading specimen label in laboratory
Male scientist reading digital tablet in laboratory
Technical manager checking information on laptop
Female veterinarian making notes of examination on clipboard
Young female scientist  using scientific equipment in lab
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