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A girl doing an experiment

RF  |  IS0266K18

Scientist pipetting sample into a petri dish in a laboratory
Scientist adjusting a mirror with an optics table in the foreground and a vacuum chamber behind
Scientists examining test tube in lab
Close up of dropper in petri dish
Scientist examining chemicals in lab
Brother and sister generating light from wind power, Zeeland, Netherlands
USA, New York State, New York City, Girl doing scientific experiments at school
Young male scientist pipetting into beaker in lab
Woman in grass with windmill
Biology students working in lab
Scientists with formula
Scientist examining molecular model
Three banknotes in test tubes
Three volumetric flasks
Scientist working in lab
Scientist using computer in lab
Mature scientist analyzing chemical in laboratory
Scientist examining jars in lab
Children using miniature wind turbine to power light bulb, Breda, Netherlands
Pipetting sample into multi well tray
Male scientist using desktop computer in laboratory
Close up of histopatology slices
Baby dummy frozen in ice to illustrate frozen human embryos
Scientists with sample in laboratory
Female scientist pipetting DNA samples for testing
DNA sample being pipetted into petri dish with DNA gel in background
Researchers hand mixing solution from pipette in bottle at lab
Male scientist inspects particle accelerator with a torch
Meniscus. Curved surface (meniscus) of water in graduated cylinder. Liquid volume measured by reading the scale at the bottom of the meniscus. The reading is 82.6 mL
Male scientist in protective clothing and goggles working with a laser in a laboratory
Girls measuring growth of plant in classroom
Scientist using computer in lab
Scientist pipetting sample into a petri dish in a laboratory
Microbiology, Scientist using an inverted light microscope to view culture growth in petri dishes during an experiment in a laboratory
Woman and girl with toy windmill
Girl doing science experiment, watching through safety goggles
Stem cell research, pipetting droplet into petri dish containing stem cells for medical research
Rack of test tubes with solution on counter in lab
Children using miniature wind turbine to power digital tablet, Breda, Netherlands
Female Laboratory Technician
Female scientist holding a petri dish
Parkour athlete experimenting with movement at Balcombe Viaduct, Sussex, United Kingdom
Cancer research laboratory, hand of scientist placing cells into centrifuge
Scientist pipetting a sample into a phial during an experiment in a laboratory
Smoke rising from frozen erlenmeyer flask against black background
Female scientist holding a test tube
Female scientist holding litmus paper
Pipetting sample into tray for DNA testing
Caucasian inventor examining flame-thrower
DNA Research, DNA finger print test results on a computer screen in the laboratory
Laboratory technicians with clipboard
Laboratory technicians at work
Female scientist holding litmus paper
Scientist using laptop in laboratory
Pipetting drops of liquid into eppendorf tubes, side view
Mid adult man in laboratory, holding test tube
Row of eppendorf vial awaiting sample for testing in laboratory
Female scientist analyzing surface material by using optical microscope
Female scientist using FTIR spectrophotometer, taking thin film sample for measurement
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