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Cables in a laptop

RF  |  IE308-011

Stethoscope sitting on laptop illustrating online healthcare and doctor's desk
Businesswoman talking on phone in office
Business people working in office
Close up of grey tabby cat sitting on desk next to computer and loudspeaker.
Couple using computer
High angle close up of the dust and fingerprints on the black keys of a laptop computer in a craftsman's workshop.
Mother and daughter using computer
Young woman working at desk
Cropped shot of male designer typing on keyboard in printing press studio
Man playing mini football
Young businessman sitting on stair typing on laptop, New York, USA
Portrait of teenage boy sitting at home desk wearing headset
Modern cardiology. Blood pressure gauge with a laptop computer displaying an ECG trace
Young students registering for classes at college campus
Modern orthopedics. Acoustic stethoscope and a laptop computer displaying MRI images of a knee
Midsection of businesswoman using laptop in office
Male scientist at workstation testing oil samples
Business man at laptop computer with smartphone in office with sunlight coming through window
Young Caucasian boy at work on a desk top computer system.
Woman using smart phone at office
Students working on computers
Cluttered desk
Female students typing on desktop computer in classroom
Coffee cup in bed
Business people working on computer by office window
Senior woman and mature woman at desk discussing x-ray image on computer screen smiling
Computer screens and laptop on desk
Businesswoman using smart watch while sitting at desk in office
Factory worker in control room of plant
Woman using smart phone at office
Close up of molecular model sitting on top of lap top computer keyboard to illustrate science education and computer aided research
Caucasian baby boy in lap of grandmother using computer keyboard
Laptop and PC on desk
Studio portrait of Hispanic man actor
Adhesive note on computer monitor
Children using computer together
Woman working at a computer
Online medicine. Chestpiece of an acoustic stethoscope and a syringe on the screen of a tablet computer
Computers and computer keyboards in a row in sunny office
Man sitting at his desk
Computer on desk
Blank computer screen , shot from over a mans shoulder
Young businesswoman sits looking out of window, close up
Woman working at office
Computer monitor with an adhesive note on it
Pensive woman in office
Engineers and apprentice in conference room wearing 3D glasses to look at 3D screens
Office worker looking at graphs on a piece of paper
Computer monitor covered in adhesive notes
Hispanic businesswoman typing on keyboard
Boy sitting on father's lap using computer keyboard
Woman working at office
Father and daughter using computer
Scientist testing aluminium samples in aluminium foundry
Smiling businesswoman talking on telephone and working at computer in office
Woman at satellite dish control desk
Mother and daughter using computer
Woman working at office
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