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Engineers on building site

RF  |  IE400-062

Mountain bikers shaking hands, Valais, Switzerland
Business man and woman shaking hands
Two young businessmen shaking hands on conference centre balcony
Two teams, four people shaking hands before or after a sporting match.
Businessman and doctor shaking hands
Mixed race pair of business people on the way to a meeting near a set of escalators.
Doctors and businessmen meeting
USA, New York State, New York City, Queens, LaGuardia Airport, Two businessmen shaking hands on runway nearby plane
Squares with illustrations on them
Colleagues shaking hands
Men shaking hands by crane
Businessmen shaking hands
Two businessmen shaking hands in office
Salesman and man handshaking in car dealership showroom
Businessmen shaking hands
Business people shaking hands in office meeting
Para-athletes doing fist bump
Smiling lawyers shaking hands in board room seen through glass
Businessman and woman meeting in a large glass covered walkway
Egypt, Siwa, Men greeting each other at Siwa festival
Bank manager and businessman shaking hands near steel tubing in warehouse
Senior woman in business meeting looking over shoulder at camera smiling
Successful and powerful businesswomen
Business meeting
Businesspeople shaking hands
Businessmen and woman shaking hands in office corridor
Men and woman wearing businesswear meeting on sidewalk in city
Close-up of hands shaking
USA, Massachusetts, Coach presenting trophy to little league player (8-9)
Senior businessman shaking hands with client on office walkway
Multi-ethnic business people shaking hands in meeting
Men shaking hands on concourse
Businessman and woman meeting in a large glass covered walkway
Cropped view of farmer and businessman in wheat field shaking hands
Overhead view of businessmen and women shaking hands with client at desk in office
Smiling man in office
Estate agent and client shaking hands outside new house
Male gay parents playing board game with children
Business people shaking hands by a car
Closing a business deal by shaking hands
Close up of businessmen shaking hands outside office building
Hand shake at business meeting
USA, New York, New York City, Office workers shaking hands after conference
Businessmen shaking hands
Doctor with patient in hospital
Doctors and businessmen meeting
Doctor and businessman shaking hands
Cropped view of farmer and businessman in wheat field shaking hands
Businessmen shaking hands in lobby
USA, New Jersey, Men shaking hands in front of open cargo container
Debate team receiving award on stage
Businessman and engineer handshaking at construction site
Businesswoman and team meeting client
Young businessman and client shaking hands in office
USA, New York State, New York City, Businessmen shaking hands
Businesswoman meeting client in office
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