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Engineer inspecting machinery in factory

RF  |  IS098U39K

Male and female engineers assembling industrial gearbox in engineering factory
Female student using vice grip in college workshop
Engineer wearing safety glasses and inspecting steel rods
Caucasian male and female blacksmiths, metalworkers at work in their studio workshop
Female worker using mobile phone in engineering factory
Caucasian female blacksmith grinding on a metal part in her studio.  Male blacksmith at work in the background.
Workers using digital tablet for testing springs in laboratory
USA, New York State, New York City, Brooklyn, Pupils (8-9) and teacher in classroom
Engineer assembling industrial gearbox in engineering factory
Engineers inspect plans on digital tablet in engineering factory
Engineer assembling industrial gearbox in engineering factory
Worker and businessman in metal plant
Engineer inspecting part in factory
Female botanist examining plant samples
Engineers inspecting complex metal component in factory
Young male scientist pipetting into beaker in lab
Engineers underneath truck in repair factory
Engineers in discussion in reactor hall in nuclear power station
Caucasian male blacksmith working at a forge in the foreground and female blacksmith at work in background.
USA, New York State, New York City, Brooklyn, Pupils (10-11) sitting in classroom and using microscope
Engineer With Turbine
Male scientist using desktop computer in laboratory
Engineer In Wind Turbine
Engineers Above Turbine Hall
Portrait of engineers in reactor hall in nuclear power station
Engineers in discussion next to industrial gearbox in engineering factory
Engineer using crane to move industrial gearbox to paint works in engineering factory
Engineer holding complex metal component in factory, portrait
Biology students working in lab
USA, Alabama, Factory worker in forklift
Male student using hand drill in college workshop
Wood, workbenches and tools in workshop
Female scientist pipetting sample into a vial for analytical testing in a laboratory
Caucasian female blacksmith using a torch to heat a metal candelabra in her studio.
Worker assembling automotive parts in automotive parts factory
Engineer with handheld computer
Metal artist and machine builder's workshop
Engineers using computer to work on plans in engineering factory
Man sanding bodywork in boat repair workshop
Worker inspecting parts from plastic injection moulding machine in plastics factory
Engineer working with aluminium in factory
Mid adult male technician testing cables in engineering plant
USA, Alabama, Factory worker in forklift
Builders working on plan details using digital tablet
Apprentice engineers measuring car body in car factory
Male scientist inspects particle accelerator with a torch
Engineer in factory
Male scientist in protective clothing and goggles working with a laser in a laboratory
Caucasian scientist using digital tablet
Female apprentice engineer setting up CNC lathe in engineering factory
Engineer outside factory
Engineer in factory with clipboard
Worker inspecting parts next to robotic metal cutting machine in sheet metal factory
Engineer with handheld computer
Senior and apprentice engineers working in power station
Worker in large CNC machine in plastics factory
Microbiology, Scientist using an inverted light microscope to view culture growth in petri dishes during an experiment in a laboratory
Girl doing science experiment, watching through safety goggles
Scientist working in crystal engineering research laboratory
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