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Woman with touch screen

RF  |  IE251-335

Graphic designer using computer at work
Sales assistant handing customer shopping bags
Engineer testing automotive part with digital tablet in factory
Bearded man sitting at a messy desk in a workshop, looking at a computer screen and an open laptop at the image of a knife.
Businesswoman preparing presentation on graphical screens
Closeup of wiring systems in computer server room, with a security monitor on the system.
Scientist looking at 3D rendered graphic scans from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner, close up
Russia, Home office with computer logged on to facebook
Young man working on computer and using tablet in creative office
Businessman offering helping hand to colleague on large inbox on oversized desk
Businessman walking in front of graphs on screen
Over shoulder view of businesswoman and man using touchscreen on digital tablet in office
Doctor looking at scans on monitor
Young students registering for classes at college campus
Staff members in meeting room with colleagues on video conference screens
Student operating equipment in ship's engine room simulator
Side view of hand pointing at computer screen
Side view of saleswoman using computer while customer standing at checkout counter in supermarket
Storage racks aligned in a computer server room.
USA, New York State,Man working on computer in home office
airport control tower
airport control tower
Man touching symbol
People in office
operator stress at the computer office
CAD designer working on engineering designs
Group of business people at office desk
Close-up of cables connected to computer monitor with pregnant woman in background
Operators talking in control room
Young woman working at desk
Engineer using computer aided design in factory office
Man and woman examining circuits on computer monitors
Industrial clutch designs using CAD software on computer screen
Caucasian female employee working at a computer at the front desk of a book store.
Engineer using computer aided design (CAD)
Financial analysts looking at screens in control room
Woman working at a computer
Colleagues in office looking at computer screen
Rack of test tubes with solution on counter in lab
Boy lying in long grass playing on smartphone
Woman with touch screen
Senior man and computer
Young Woman Checks Activity Tracker During Outdoor Exercise
Woman working at office
Engineer working at electrical test bench next to oscilloscope
View through glass wall of business colleagues using screen in meeting
Businessman making presentation to colleagues in front of graphs on screen
Operators in power station control room
Neuroimaging students at workstations
Mixed Race woman posing near circuits on computer monitors
Workers in process control room in oil blending factory
Woman working at office
Technicians with laptop checking server in data centre
Woman touching pattern
Businesswoman leading meeting at television screen in sunny conference room
Student looking at screens in forensics training facility
Young Woman Checks Activity Tracker During Outdoor Exercise
Woman working at office
Mid adult man on sidewalk holding smartphone with photograph on screen
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