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Coal mining

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Engineers inspect dumper truck tyres in opencast coalmine
Female geologist with colleague studying graphical display of oil and gas bearing rock on screens
Oil derricks pumping
A man stacking logs, wood of different lengths. A firewood store.
Overview of excavation and geology in surface coal mine
Small group of Himba women and children wearing traditional clothing standing in a desert.
Brown coal opencast mine, Juchen, Germany
USA, Alaska , Two men on oil platform
Profile of miners in opencast coalmine
Workers at underground gas storage plant
Coal fired power station at night
Tanker in the sea
Workers with pipes at gas storage plant
Female friends cooking with skillet over kerosene camping stove at remote campsite
Workers in process control room in oil blending factory
Workers inspect gas storage plant
Geologist studying graphical display of oil and gas bearing rock on screens, close up
Glowing coal
Smiling man wearing hat standing outdoors, wearing hat, holding logs of firewood, looking at camera.
USA, New York State, New York City, Two male friends trying to light grill on city roof
Worker turning valve on oil well 'christmas tree', looking up
Workers walk through an underground gas
Workers climbing oil storage tanks in oil blending factory
Workers in underground gas storage plant
Workers in control room of gas plant
Workers In Mine Inspecting Coal
Miner checks plans on digital tablet in surface coal mine
Fresh vegetable skewers on barbecue grill
Ships at port, GoSeong-gun, South Korea
a restaurant prepares a pig for a dinner feast
Coal Miners With Digger
Glowing sinkhole
 Engineer inspecting steam turbine in gas-fired power station
Smiling man wearing hat standing in garden, wearing hat, axe over his shoulder, looking at camera.
Oil derricks pumping
High angle view of oil transfer between coastal oil refinery and oil tanker
 Worker turning valve at gas-fired power station
Wind turbine in between piles of coal in harbour, Flushing, Netherlands
Blacksmith heating tool at fire in forge
View of gas-fired power station during outage
Worker looking out on to gas-fired power station
Workers in control room of gas-fired power station
Workers walking through gas-fired power station
Close-up of tug text with arrow symbol on boat
Workers with 400KV transformer in gas-fired power station, low angled view
Workers at gas-fired power station
High angle view of coastal oil refinery  with oil storage tanks
Gas turbine under repair in gas-fired power station
Glowing sinkhole
Dumper trucks in a row at surface coal mine
Industrial ship on sea against blue sky during sunny day
Diggers loading coal onto train at surface coal mine at dawn
Worker at gas fired power station, low angle view
Workers at gas-fired power station
Workers on high level gantry in gas-fired power station
Aerial view of oil refinery illuminated at night, Los Angeles, California, USA
Factory by sea against blue sky during sunny day
Miner cutting coal at coalface in deep mine
Gas and oil refinery in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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