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Engineer inspecting machinery in factory

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Worker on pipes at chemical plant
Workman checking pipes on building site in partly completed factory
Workers In Coal Fired Power Station
View along pipelines, factory with smoking chimney stack in the distance.
Foreman and apprentice in doorway in factory of building site
Teenage girl leaning against brick wall
Workers examining equipment on site
View of pipelines and oil tanker
Worker adjusting gauge at oil refinery
Engineers at work
Workers at underground gas storage plant
Site foreman advising apprentice with plans in partly completed factory
Close up of red pipes in city center
Teacher and students assembling model pipeline
Workers with pipes at gas storage plant
Worker checking readings on digital tablet in gas fired power station
Workers inspect gas storage plant
Close-up of a valve of pipeline
Teenage girl leaning against brick wall
USA, New York State, View of pipeline in vegetable garden
Worker turning valve on oil well 'christmas tree', looking up
Workers In Coal Fired Power Station
Workers walk through an underground gas
Empty road
Office workers using digital tablet and camera to check efficiency of office heating in boiler room
Workers in underground gas storage plant
Man checking pipes
Engineer in Turbine Hall
Engineer in factory with clipboard
individuals riding their bikes on the path near Pipeline
Engineer in Turbine Hall
Industrial pipes and valves
Engineers in Charging Hall
Teenage girl leaning against brick wall
Engineers in Charging Hall
Empty road
Senior and apprentice engineers working in power station
Port Worker In Power Station Environment
Employee in restaurant talking with chef, making notes on clipboard
Close up engineers hands tightening pipework with spanners in power station
Chef in restaurant using laptop
individuals riding their bikes on the path near Pipeline
Engineers with industrial pump testing rig in factory
Workers walking through gas-fired power station
Engineer adjusting control panel in power station
Engineer with laptop
Worker using radio in gas fired power station
Blue industrial pipes and storage tank
Pressure gauges in a factory
young woman watches the surf at Pipeline
Industrial piping in a factory
Man working in flexible electronics plant
Curved industrial piping
Pressure gauge in a factory
Workers examining equipment on site
lifegaurd heading into the water at Pipeline
Engineers on building site
Pipes in power plant
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