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Scientist checking electrical cable with radioactive source equipment in cable store

RF  |  IS09B6X57

Three business people discuss graphs on screen in meeting room
Chief engineer watching A380 aircraft arrive at stand in airport
Engineers climbing wind turbine from boat at offshore windfarm, low angle view
Robot spray painting automotive parts in spray paint factory
Scientists testing samples in laboratory
Engineer checking a bilog antenna's height for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) radiated immunity testing in a semi anechoic chamber
Car bodies on production line in car factory
Engineers inspecting finished steel rollers in engineering factory
Offshore windfarm engineers in port on walkway
Engineer apprentice inspecting steel rods in factory
Red hot glass bottles in blowing machine
Scientist checking electrical cable with radioactive source equipment in cable store
Male and female engineers assembling industrial gearbox in engineering factory
Engineer testing automotive part with digital tablet in factory
Railway maintenance workers using digital tablet to inspect track
Airside engineer talking on radio near aircraft on runway, low angle view
Engineer checking steel part in engineering factory
Workers walking through biomass facility, low angle view
Test driver in crash helmet in supercar
Civil engineers inspecting cable anchorage in suspension bridge. The Humber Bridge, UK, built in 1981 was the world's largest single-span suspension bridge
Businesswoman preparing presentation on graphical screens
Engineer in discussion with racing driver in supercar, overhead view
Engineer wearing safety glasses and inspecting steel rods
 Engineers inspecting turbine housing repair during power station outage, overhead view
Engineer inspects carbon fibre car body shells in racing car factory
Engineers discussing supercar in sports car factory
Female worker using mobile phone in engineering factory
Gear for industrial gearbox in engineering factory
Scientist looking at 3D rendered graphic scans from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner, close up
Low angle view of worker inspecting engineered steel die in factory
Architect making plans at drawing board, close up
Multiple exposure of robot spray painting automotive parts in spray paint factory, close up
Workers in biscuit factory discuss production next to conveyor of freshly made biscuits
Apprentices inspecting section of car body in car plant
Close up of bobbins in industrial loom in textile mill
Scientists cable insulation resistance testing in electrical cable laboratory
Two firefighters putting out fire in fire simulation training facility, rear view
Engineer using digital tablet in front of jet engine in aircraft maintenance factory
Car worker applying sealant to car body in car factory
Man holding roll of electrical cable and screwdriver
Tug workers on tug looking up at container ship
Gardener wearing ear protectors mowing lawn with lawn mower, surface level view
Cars on production line in car factory
Railway workers working on railway tracks at night
Tug workers on tug with container ship in background
Car bodies being dipped in car factory
Businessman in meeting, close up
Scientist age testing electrical cable in electrical cable laboratory
Worker inspecting car body pressings in car factory
Engineers inspect dumper truck tyres in opencast coalmine
Scientist adjusting a mirror with an optics table in the foreground and a vacuum chamber behind
Doctor and patient using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner
Businessman walking in front of graphs on screen
Scientists working in testing laboratory, wide angle view
Workman checking pipes on building site in partly completed factory
Staff members in meeting room with colleagues on video conference screens
Workman in reflective clothing using walkie talkie to communicate to colleague at quarry
Woodworker in workshop
Portrait of quarryman and assistant standing on stockpile of quarried stone
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