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Businessman contemplating by office window

RF  |  IS09AT8V9

Three business people discuss graphs on screen in meeting room
Young male chef reading digital tablet and talking on smartphone in kitchen
Chief engineer watching A380 aircraft arrive at stand in airport
Man wearing blue overall and welding mask standing in factory, welding metal, sparks flying.
Engineers climbing wind turbine from boat at offshore windfarm, low angle view
Japanese man standing in a Washi producing workshop holding a smart phone, smiling at camera.
Businessmen meeting in empty factory warehouse
USA, New York State, New York, Brooklyn, Female mechanic next to motorcycles
Male carpenter explaining blueprint to trainees in workshop
Three businessmen inspecting corridor in factory
Scientists testing samples in laboratory
Single macaron against black background, overhead view
Doctor holding stethoscope
Architects discussing blueprints on projection screen conference room
Engineer checking a bilog antenna's height for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) radiated immunity testing in a semi anechoic chamber
Nurse taking patient blood pressure in living room
Engineers inspecting finished steel rollers in engineering factory
Portrait of confident senior businesswoman standing arms crossed by window in office
Woman standing at a table in a traditional Washi workshop, stripping bark and fibre off twigs and branches of plant material
USA, Tennessee , Worker measuring fabric in garment factory
Offshore windfarm engineers in port on walkway
Carpenter installing kitchen cabinet
Young woman lifting barbell in gym, rear view
Doctor talking to patient in office
Engineer apprentice inspecting steel rods in factory
Engineers working on wind turbine
Young craftswoman using calculator in pipe organ workshop
Happy teacher watching girl drawing with color pencil in classroom
Male and female engineers assembling industrial gearbox in engineering factory
USA, New York State , Couple chopping wood
Three workers walking towards ships at shipping port, rear view, GoSeong-gun, South Korea
Nurse taking patient blood pressure in living room
Engineer testing automotive part with digital tablet in factory
Japanese man in a workshop, holding a wooden frame with pressed pulp, making traditional Washi paper.
Airside engineer talking on radio near aircraft on runway, low angle view
Engineer checking steel part in engineering factory
Doctor talking to patient in office
Little girl playing guitar
Pharmacist walking in aisle of pharmacy
Workers walking through biomass facility, low angle view
Test driver in crash helmet in supercar
Civil engineers inspecting cable anchorage in suspension bridge. The Humber Bridge, UK, built in 1981 was the world's largest single-span suspension bridge
Carpenter With Apprentice Making Bespoke Wooden Surfboard
USA, Maryland , Two brewery workers with beer bottles
Businesswoman preparing presentation on graphical screens
Engineer in discussion with racing driver in supercar, overhead view
Female student using vice grip in college workshop
Brothers and sister standing on paddleboard at sea
Group of researchers having meeting
Mixed race boy riding skateboard in skate park
Male skydiver freeflying upside down above Siofok, Somogy, Hungary
USA, New York State, Brooklyn ,Baker decorating icing on cake
Nurse talking to patient in front door
Engineer wearing safety glasses and inspecting steel rods
Pharmacist and customer reviewing label on box in pharmacy
 Engineers inspecting turbine housing repair during power station outage, overhead view
Portrait Of Carpenter In Bespoke Surfboard Workshop
South Africa, Man parachuting in city
Engineer inspects carbon fibre car body shells in racing car factory
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