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Father and son at sea with surfboard, Encinitas, California, USA

RF  |  IS09AF136

Mature man and teenage son pointing whilst reading map from off road vehicle, Bridger, Montana, USA
Romantic young couple on wall in front of Big Ben, London, England, UK
Mature man lying on decking by lake with picnic hamper
High angle view of shirtless man with grey hair lying on his front on a yellow cloth, outstretched arms with palms on the ground.
Mid adult women lying in park using digital tablet
Boy with short black hair lying on floor in art gallery with pen and paper, looking at modern painting.
Young man lying on wooden floor doing paperwork
USA, New York State, Girl (4-5) looking into koi pond
Mid adult mother kissing sleeping baby
Couple relaxing together on sofa
Boy lying on sofa and reading a book
Girl lying on grass with digital tablet
Woman lying on driftwood, looking out to sea
Couple using technology surrounded by moving boxes
Smiling woman laying in tall grass
African American father and daughter using digital tablet on bed
Mid adult woman lying on brick wall, Tuscany, Italy
Curious sisters lying on pier
Businessman in a downtown city park taking a break and checking his computer notebook
Hungary, Budapest, Brothers (8-9,10-11) in bunk beds with smartphone
Cute puppy lying down, portrait
Woman using tablet computer on sofa
Baby girl lying on bed with legs raised
Friends relaxing together in park
Doctor and patient using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner
Boy lying on bed, wearing flippers and using digital tablet
Doctor taking patient's pulse
Side view of woman lying on grassy hill by sea
Senior couple laughing in bed
Botswana , Lion resting in sun
Father and son playing ukulele
Hispanic girl using tablet computer
Young woman lying on side in a field looking at a hand held device
Businessman in a downtown city park taking a break and checking his computer notebook
Family making snow angels
Couple embracing on floor
Woman using cell phone in forest
Boy face to face with baby brother on sofa
Close up of woman laying on bed
Girl in headphones laying in grass
Girl balancing on feet of mother
Looking Down On Happy Baby Boy Lying On Changing Mat
USA, California, San Francisco , Woman lying in bed and reading book
Portrait of  young woman on a sofa
Mother and son reading book at the beach
Two daughters lying on top of father at family picnic in park
Daughters balancing on feet of mother
Three girls lying on beach with surfboard
Caucasian girls eating watermelon
Women relaxing reading magazine together
USA, New York State, New York City ,   Woman with laptop in bed
Caucasian boy using digital tablet on sofa
Girls balancing on feet of parents
Businesswoman playing in beanbag chair in office
Father and baby sleeping on couch
Looking Down On Happy Baby Boy Lying On Bed
USA, California , Mother lying in grass with daughter (6-7)
Students studying outdoors
Girl playing while father resting
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