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Happy senior woman looking up while answering mobile phone at home

RF  |  IS09AW13X

Close-up of fresh roses against white background
Midsection of young couple holding coffee cup during winter
Portrait of mid adult woman holding paper with curve sign,close-up
Teacher with students in classroom
Human hands holding a mug with steam rising up, next to a window with condensation on it
Teacher using digital tablet with students in classroom
A blue textured surface
Baby girl sleeping on vehicle seat
A list of natural herbal medicines and their corresponding containers
Mother and daughter relaxing on bed
Jet above the clouds
Hidden man in hooded top
Royal Swedish crown on Skeppsholmen Bridge
A white mixed breed dog wearing a superhero mask and cape
An English Bulldog in costume as the bride of Frankenstein
Row of solar panels
A young girl watering plants in a greenhouse
Corks and corkscrew
Various crushed make-up powder in a heap
European Union coins arranged into an increasing line graph
An open bottle of pink nail polish
A silhouette of the Berlin skyline
Shattered glass mid-air
Ice crystals on window and temperature gauge
A handwritten note tucked behind a windshield wiper
A window with a hole broken through the glass, night
A table set for a Christmas dinner for two
Various colored microphones
A nerdy guy with his hand poised above a red game show buzzer
A headshot of a frowning senior man wearing a crash helmet
Abstract colored forms and light
A woman holding a red polka dot umbrella, rear view
Ancient cave dwellings in Tonto National Park, Arizona
Confetti and streamers arranged into a square shaped frame
Senior woman playing hopscotch
Peaceful office
Times Square in New York, crowded with people and traffic
Five foosball figurines wearing different uniforms
Racks of German and international newspapers
Three ecstatic golfers celebrating a win
A couple dining on a rooftop terrace at sunset
A spirit level attached to a ruler on a work bench
View of a metal tower from directly below
Crisscrossed yellow and black striped cordon tape
Crisscrossed yellow and black striped cordon tape
A blowfly (Calliphora Lucilia) standing on a leaf
A house fly (Musca domestica) perching on a flower
Side view of a dart flying towards the bull's eye of a target
A senior woman playing cards, midsection, focus on hands
Detail of construction cranes
Solar panels in a field and wind turbines in the distance
Close-up, full frame of shapes on an LED display
A teenage boy popping a zit on his face, portrait, studio shot
A woman wearing gold strappy heels (focus on feet) next to a pink purse
A partially constructed house with European Union currency and coins around it
A dart stuck in the bull's eye of a miniature archery target
Desert landscape and electric pylons in Yuma, Arizona
A young boy picking up a puzzle piece
A crash test