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Mid adult man fist bumping colleague and smiling

RF  |  IS09A90VC

Three business people discuss graphs on screen in meeting room
Two businessmen on the move looking at digital tablet in office
Cropped shot of  young designer using smartwatch at office meeting
Two truck drives checking dispatch papers while standing next to truck trailers in a large parking lot at night.
Businessmen meeting in empty factory warehouse
Two men, tailors leaning over a workbench discussing a project, planning their work.
Male carpenter explaining blueprint to trainees in workshop
Three people in office
Three businessmen inspecting corridor in factory
Group of researchers having meeting
Man and woman in discussion
Businesswoman making graph on class
Businesspeople looking at laptop computer, smiling
Architects discussing blueprints on projection screen conference room
Businessmen and doctors talking
Businessmen talking in office meeting
Warehouse workers and manager meeting in engineering warehouse
Smiling lawyers shaking hands in board room seen through glass
Two men, tailors leaning over a workbench discussing a project, planning their work.
Three people sitting in office
Businesspeople meeting around conference table
Four people in meeting
Young office workers discussing plans in creative office
Businesswomen during meeting
Colleagues making notes on desk of photographs and digital tablet in creative office
Four people in meeting
Colleagues using laptop in meeting at desk
Rear view of businessman writing on whiteboard in coffee shop
Man and woman at meeting table
Man using smart phone with people sitting in background
Business people working in office
Business people working together in conference room
Businesswoman talking in meeting
Two men working at a laptop, sharing the screen. A tailoring workshop
Businessman smiling in meeting
Business people working in office
Businesswomen during meeting
Business people talking at desk
Business people talking in group meeting
Engineers discussing notes on factory stairway
Businessman using tablet computer
Business people and doctor greeting
Group Of Friends Celebrating With Champagne In Bar
Four people sitting in office
Doctor and businessmen talking
Businessman in meeting, close up
Businesspeople using digital tablet and laptop, high angle
Businesswoman writing on glass
Business people examining fabric
Multi-ethnic business people shaking hands in meeting
Businesspeople in meeting
Four people sitting in office
Older couple video chatting with digital tablet
Portrait of businesswoman with colleagues in background
Business people reviewing paperwork in office
Businessman taking pictures in office
Group Of Friends Celebrating With Champagne In Bar
Five people in office during meeting
Business colleagues using laptop in office
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