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operator stress at the computer office

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Businesswoman talking on phone in office
Engineers with low pressure steam turbines in repair bays in workshop
Businesswoman talking on phone in office
Scuba diver blowing bubble rings.  As the escaping air rises to surface, the decrease in pressure causes the rings of air to expand.
Workers checking order in engineering factory
Businessman with landscape scissor pruner.
An overworked businessman
Thoughtful sad man looking away while sitting by retaining wall during sunny day
Engineer lifting high pressure steam turbine with crane in workshop
Man with laptop looking at paperwork
Worker and manager meeting in engineering warehouse
Couple with laptop looking at paperwork
Businessman lying on floor with scattered papers
Worried defendant with attorneys at table in legal trial courtroom
Portrait of a ceo in his office
Stressed Caucasian businesswoman using laptop in office
Ceo playing a game of chess
Confused businesswoman scratching head while using digital tablet in office
Businessman with landscape scissor pruner.
Thoughtful sad man sitting by retaining wall during sunny day
Woman looking at paperwork
Female doctor sitting cross legged in hospital corridor
Man sitting on floor against armchair wearing headphones using laptop
Two hands browsing through a pile of paper in an office
Engineer measuring high pressure steam turbine blade in workshop
Tired office worker
Two workers looking at digital tablet in engineering warehouse
Portrait of runners
Overhead view of young businessman reclining asleep on hotel room chaise longue, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Thoughtful man looking down while leaning on chainlink fence
Frustrated businessman using laptop
Frustrated Mixed Race woman using laptop in bed
Couple in mountain landscape
Businessman in a downtown city park taking a break and checking his computer notebook
Portrait of worker using mobile phone in engineering warehouse
Doctors and nurses wheeling patient down hospital hallway
Female doctor standing by wall
Man jumping off rock
Businessman slipping on wet office floor
Couple in mountain landscape
Chewed pencil
Businessman running with bicycle and folder in arms
Senior woman sitting at table, using laptop, worried expression
High angle view of stressed businessman with laptop computer sitting at home
A businessman holding a hammer
Frustrated technician checking wiring of server in data centre
Businessman contemplating against reflective wall
Stressed doctor with head down in hospital corridor
Engineers in seawater pumping station of power station, high angle view
Hispanic businessman running on staircase
Financial traders with screens
Stressed businessman with laptop computer on wooden table sitting at home
Caucasian businessman working late in office
Portrait of mature male teacher in classroom
Serious businesswoman listening to businessman with digital tablet in office lobby
Worker noting gauge at oil refinery
Female paramedic tending patient on road
Hand on man's forehead
Businessman leaning on hand
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