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A fake butterfly on a cup

RF  |  IE152-010

Fake butterflies on a lightswitch
Mosquito head, SEM
Malachite butterfly
Coloured SEM of parasitic wasp (Charipidae)
Coloured SEM of engorged female dog tick
Scanning electron micrograph of a fruit fly eye
Leaf Insect, studio shot
Compound eye of Anobiidae beetle SEM
A butterfly on a tap and grass growing out of a sink
A cloud and a butterfly on a tap
Bumblebee pollinating purple lavender flowers
Two white-fronted bee-eaters (Merops bullockoides), Mana Pools, Zimbabwe
Coloured SEM of louse fly (Hippoboscidae), front view
Coloured SEM of caddisfly larva in case
Coloured SEM of silk moth antenna
Stagbeetle, close up
Coloured SEM of silk moth antenna
Collection of butterflies
Corn Poppies and Cornflowers in Barley Field, Mecklenburg Lake District, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
Scanning electron micrograph of moth head
Housefly on straw with dew drops
Moth on window
Bees in open bee hive box
Western Clubtail, Burgsinn, Franconia, Bavaria, Germany
Coloured SEM of head of botfly
Close Up of Cicada
Coloured SEM of antenna of a hawk moth
Dragonflies against blue sky, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Close-up of dragonfly
Close-Up of Ladybug
Dragonflies on flower petals
Ladybird on wheat plant
Green grasshopper on leaf
Praying Mantis climbing twig
Close up of butterfly landing on flower
Two butterflies and flowers
Bumblebee on Echinacea flower
Yellow flower with bees in it
Close up of bee pollinating pink dahlia flower
Magnified view of wasp antenna
Eye-like markings on butterfly
Bee on pink Gerbera
Mosquito, artwork
Butterfly on a yellow flower
Mosquito, artwork
Red ant {Myrmica rubra} worker collecting honeydew from Nettle aphids {Microlophium carnosum} Surrey, England.
Garden snail moving towards glove on wooden bench
Two small postman butterfly on a flower
A blowfly (Calliphora Lucilia) standing on a leaf
Ladybug on mushroom
A house fly (Musca domestica) perching on a flower
Wood Ant (Formica rufa) workers on top of their nest synchronise ejection of formic acid droplets to maximise deterrent effect on potential predator, UK
Butterfly with circuit board wings flying over light streams
Scanning electron micrograph of honeybee stinger
Fly head, SEM
Coloured SEM of fly maggot mouthparts
Bees flying around blooming flower
Bees flying near blooming flower
Peacock butterfly (Inachis io) on Fleabane flowers, Hertfordshire, England, UK