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Male and female doctors sitting on chairs

RF  |  IS09A6EY8

Doctor holding stethoscope
Group of researchers having meeting
Businessmen and doctors talking
Caucasian man doctor going over a patient history.
Dental technician holding denture
Man and woman doctors meeting to discuss a problem
Portrait of young male doctor
Portrait of boy (6-7) in lab coat
Close up of young male doctor using digital tablet
Business people talking at desk
Business people and doctor greeting
Doctor listening to young girl's chest with stethoscope
Doctors talking on staircase in office
Scientists working in laboratory
Doctor and businessmen talking
Nurse taking patient blood pressure in living room
Nurse talking to woman in hospital waiting room
Female doctor wrapping cuff to patient's arm before taking blood pressure in clinic
Caucasian man doctor going over a patient history.
Nurse looking at newborn in incubator
Close up of stethoscope and lab coat
Doctor looking at CT scan on digital tablet, patient lying by scanner
Doctors in discussion over patients records in hospital
Portrait of female doctor
Pharmacist browsing medicines on shelf
Doctors looking at digital tablet
Doctor and patient using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner
Researchers hand mixing solution from pipette in bottle at lab
Doctor examining boy in office
Portrait of male doctor
Doctor taking patient's pulse
Nurse taking patient blood pressure in living room
Doctor looking at scans on monitor
Portrait of a young Caucasian male doctor.
Group of doctors meeting in the conference room
Doctor posing against backlit wall panel
Portrait of female doctor
Close up portrait of bald young man wearing surgical mask
Pharmacist walking in aisle of pharmacy
Close up of smiling doctors talking
Doctor against a window, waiting
Portrait of a male doctor
Female surgeon using surgical scissors in hospital operating theatre
Doctor talking with nurse
Female doctor in laboratory
Young female doctor holding stethoscope to patients chest
Senior doctor and colleagues meeting in conference room
Doctor hugging smiling woman in office
Cropped image of nurse holding patient's hand
Doctors walking together in hospital corridor
Doctor and receptionist in surgery
Doctor preparing patient for MRI scan
Nurse talking to patient in front door
Patient in hospital with doctor and nurse
Pharmacist and customer reviewing label on box in pharmacy
Girl playing doctor with teddy bear
Radiographer reassuring girl going into CT scanner
Doctor talking with patients in corridor
Group of researchers having meeting
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