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We've seperated our images into categories and sub-categories based on popular searches on ImageSource.com and requests from our customers. If you are having problems finding what you are after we would be more than happy to help you if you contact us.


Our collection of buildings and architecture photography and footage includes over 40,000 products. From famous landmarks, to generic cityscapes, our collection includes a wide range of country buildings, offices and construction sites.

With over 125,000 products in our business and finance photography and footage category, our collection covers all the angles with imagery of meetings, handshakes, international business, stress, travel and teamwork.

Our celebrations photography and footage collection features over 30,000 celebration products. These include birthdays, graduation, weddings, sports and a wide range of other non-seasonal celebrations. If you’re looking for seasonal celebrations please see our seasonal category.

Our education and learning category contains over 35,000 education and learning related photographs and footage clips. Covering all aspects of education, our products include school learning through to higher education and vocational learning.

Our collection contains over 80,000 family-related photography and footage products. Featuring all aspects of family life, our products include pregnancy, multiple generations, family vacations and grown-up families as just a few examples.

As one of our most popular categories, our feelings and emotions collection contains over 340,000 photographs and footage clips. We’ve covered all of the visual feelings and emotions as well as the surrounding concepts.

Our food and drink category features over 50,000 products. From food-specific imagery, through to restaurant scenes and people enjoying food and drink, our extensive collection of food and drink imagery includes cooking, eating, occasions, worldwide cuisine, healthy and unhealthy eating.

Our health and beauty category contains over 30,000 health and beauty related products. We’ve covered beauty therapy, relaxation, diet and weight loss, but we’ve also produced specialist imagery focusing on age and beauty, cosmetics and cosmetic surgery.

Our health care and medicine category features a combination of generic and highly specialised medical imagery and footage. In all, we have over 30,000 medical and health care products covering medical procedures, healthcare professionals, patents, laboratories, equipment and alternative medicines.

Featuring over 170,000 vacation and travel products, our holiday and travel category covers a wide range of travel activities and holiday types including camping, winter sports, tropical paradise, by the pool and family vacation as just a few examples.

Our industry and work category contains over 130,000 products. Featuring specific industries, such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, logistics and automotives, our collection also covers popular topics including stress, health and safety, meetings and teamwork.

Our landscapes category features over 30,000 products. With photographs and footage from all over the world, our landscape imagery includes famous landmarks and generic scenes of cities, forests, mountains, sea and snow, as just a few examples.

Featuring over 65,000 products, our nature category contains a huge range of nature-related photographs and footage clips. From specialist images of plants and animal specimens, through to animals, woodland, scenery and conservation, our nature category provides specialists and general users with the content they need.

Our people category is our largest with over 550,000 people-related products. Used for multiple purposes, our people category contains imagery from all over the world. From portraits, through to people engaging in activities, our people category features photographs and footage of people of all ages and abilities, at work, school, on vacation, in crowds and engaging in sport, as only a few examples.

With over 115,000 products, our seasonal category features seasonal photographs and footage clips that represent the seasons as well as seasonal celebrations. Covering winter, spring, summer and autumn, our seasonal category also covers Halloween, Christmas, New Year and Easter, with plenty more seasonal celebrations in between.

With a mix of over 15,000 specialist and generic images, our science category contains a wide range of science photographs and footage clips. Covering specific topics and applications, our imagery also addresses wider concepts and ideas. Subjects include physics, chemistry and biology, with others featuring applied science, scientists, laboratories and research and development.

Our sports and fitness category features over 70,000 products. Covering the major sports including football, basketball, golf, soccer, cricket and tennis, we also cover generic team sports, crowds, celebrations and individual fitness activities.

Our technology category has grown quickly in recent years. Featuring over 85,000 technology related photographs and footage clips, our products include conceptual imagery as well as interactive technology, tablets and smartphones.

Our transport category features over 50,000 products. Covering specific methods of transport, cars, boats, planes and trains, we also cover travel concepts, space, cycling and green transport.

Our collection of animal photography and footage includes over 35,000 products. Examples include a wide selection of wildlife imagery, pets and animals with people.

Our collection of babies and children photography and footage includes over 80,000 products. From birth to teens, our imagery includes all the steps to adulthood. We also have a wide range of situations, including school learning, playing and sports.

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