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About us

When we launched Image Source at the end of the last century, it was to celebrate the craft of Photography in our world and to show that stock Images need not be bland or be out-takes from shoots. We have always understood that stock images should be believable, authentic, and a reflection of the diverse world in which we live: our collection is people-based, focusing on the human story, lifestyle, business, sports and leisure. We also have a wide selection of travel, sustainability, animals and food imagery from around the world. We wanted to be service focused and be allies to both our photographers and our clients, giving both the Freedom to Create and the safety of a trusted brand. These values remain with us almost three decades later.

A word from our Founder, Christina Vaughan

When I launched Image Source in 1998, I wanted to make sure that Photographers in Stock were always treated with respect and had access to the same quality of creative intelligence and production that is available in assignment and were always given a fair deal. It was the same with clients – that at Image Source , they would find premium quality imagery that not supported their creative projects but gave them peace of mind around legal and technical provenance.

We believe that dedicated care to both makes for longevity and that is why 5 million licences later and almost three decades in business, we remain one of the leading premium independent stock agencies in the world with a global outlook but local care.

Our team is a diverse and inclusive one and we are uniquely positioned to channel our knowledge and expertise over the decades to ensure that stock photography represents and reflects the world we want to live in, promoting diversity in gender, race, colour, sexuality and accessibility.

Christina Vaughan
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