The Library

You can find over 1.25m images and 4k video clips on our site, expertly curated and art directed to meet your marketing needs.

We have one of the largest communities of award winning photographers and videographers in the world together.

We understand that images should be believable, authentic, and reflect the diverse world in which we live; much of our collection is people based, focusing on the human story, lifestyle, business, sports and leisure.

Our team of art directors, producers and stylists help our creators produce on trend, globally diverse content, on a weekly basis.

If you are in the market for conceptual imagery or content that does not feature people we also have a wide selection of  travel, sustainability, animals and food imagery from around the world.

Why Image Source?

Image Source is an award-winning high-end stock agency founded in London in 1999 with a reputation for creative and commercial excellence backed with trusted legal and technical compliance.

We have generated more than 5 million licenses since we first opened our doors and have provided the imagery for some of the biggest advertising campaigns of the last 20 years. Our passionate team continually reinvent and keep ahead of visual trends ensuring that our imagery delivers the best returns for your campaign.


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