Teddy Bags Andy

  Canon’s Beyond the Still campaign by Grey New York. A Film started by photographer Vincent Laforet’s image. The phenomenally successful Canon campaign wins at The Andy Awards. A sign of things to come.   While Wieden+Kennedy’s Old Spice ad won this years’ Best In Show award at The Andys, notable photography highlights include Grey New […]

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Wenders’ Major Photo Show

  Photo from Wim Wenders’ exhibition at the Haunch of Venison Gallery, London.
 Sun Bather, Palermo

 ©   Filmmaker Wim Wenders’ new photography exhibition reveals an image-maker exploring a photography of ‘loss’   Photography by filmmaker and artist Wim Wenders is currently on display  at The Haunch of Venison gallery in London in a […]

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The Dress That Won The Election

A simple dress, the Presidency and a 1960s street style lookbook that points to the future    Fashion writers have argued that John Kennedy beat Richard Nixon in the 1960 election, not because of his war-hero charisma, or his youthful good looks versus Nixon’s 5 O’Clock shadow in the TV debates. If the 1960 election was […]

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Dance Delivers New Messages

Spike Jonze Shoots Yo-Yo Ma and Lil Buck “Dancers Are Messengers of The Gods” said Martha Graham and the public’s appetite for all things dance offers new opportunity for photo-usage      It’s hard to pin down when exactly when ‘dance’ grabbed hold of the public imagination and Tangoed with it until we swooned and […]

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Wedding Photographer Wanted. Swimwear Optional

Photo District News Wedding Issue   The new Photo District News Wedding Photography issue is out, with lots of good info and advice on the latest trends on shooting the Big Day. What it won’t include is this youtube video of the Happy Couple or the unhappy snapper         Wedding photographers might […]

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Tomorrow’s Images Today

Burton Snowboarding Website There’s a marketing nirvana somewhere between Trend Forecasting and Weather Forecasting      Fashion brands keep a keen eye on the future, but the website for snowboarding brand Burton, watches the weather, enabling their customers to see what clothes they will need to be wearing, or buying.      It’s an imaginative […]

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L’Oreal Re-Unites Black Swan Duo

Darren Aronofsky shoots Vincent Cassel for YSL Working on psychodrama Black Swan is good rehearsal for Cassel and Aronofsky’s new Yves Saint Laurent movie Darren Aronofsky directs Vincent Cassel in a spot for Yves Saint Laurent’s Nuit De L’Homme. The print ads have been shot by Mert & Marcus. The charismatic Cassel who worked with […]

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The 360 Buzz – Making Sense of Chaos

From U2’s 360 degree tour to new camera tech, the current fascination with wraparound experiences and 360 degree imagery has a noble history that plays into deep, psychological roots Hot on the heels of the record-breaking Big Daddy of panoramic image-making, Pittsburgh company EyeSee360 have created a prototype lens which enables the iPhone 4 to […]

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Violated by Sweet Spot

  Has a recent genre of internet commercials had its day? The buzz around the current Skittle’s ad suggests otherwise.   Drama critics call it the Fourth Wall, the invisible barrier between actors and audience, allowing us to suspend our disbelief. The current internet equivalent is the Youtube takeover, the buzziest one of the moment […]

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Barrier Breaking Detail

  If 5mb image files choke up your email, consider Jeffrey Martin’s photograph of the 868-year-old Strahov monastery library in Prague.     At 283 gigabytes and 40 gigapixels, Martin’s image, actually 2,947 images stitched together, it is just the latest in a series of information-loaded, barrier-breaking pictures. Back in 2003 a lunchtime bet prompted goaded […]

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