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Our image library includes thousands of high quality animal stock photographs. From the cute and cuddly, to the raw and fierce, our animal related stock images include birds, insects, mammals, reptiles and fish, just to name a few.

Following our trend brief, ISM Cute 22, we’ve had loads of requests for pampered pooches and adorable kittens. If it’s fluffy and has a bow then people seem to want it. But we’re not just about the ‘aww factor’, our award winning photographers have also captured wildlife at is most ferocious, from man-eating sharks to life on the savannah.

When it comes to animal photos we’ve probably got most angles covered. We have carefully mastered the balance of studio-shot domestic animal photography and the real-life shots of wildlife acting naturally to meet our clients’ needs. However, if you can’t find the exact animal shots you need then give us a call and we will search for you.



Animal Stock Photos