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Image Source is a leading producer and distributor of high quality industry and work related stock photography. With tens of thousands of work and industry related stock photos available, we cover all the industry sectors with content relatable to pretty much any job description and any type of business.

Here at Image Source we take pride in our ability to find and shoot on location, ensuring that our imagery is as genuine as possible. That’s why we consult with industry experts and shoot real scenarios. With access to a whole host of locations including hospitals, offices, recycling plants, factories and distribution centres, just to name a few, our highly skilled photographers are able to take a variety of shots suitable for specific or generic use.

Over the past few years companies in general have become more socially responsible, with a focus on employee satisfaction, environmental friendliness and health and safety. This has been fed back to our art directors and consequently we’ve spent much of the past three years on projects to produce photography specialising in green energy, recycling and safe working conditions. As a result we now have one of the world’s leading premium quality green industry stock collections.

We’re here to help you! We appreciate that looking through thousands of images for the perfect photo is not the easiest task so let us help. We can help you narrow your search and can even search for you. All you have to do is give us a call with your brief and we’ll do the rest.

Industry and Work

Industry and Work

Industry and Work Stock Photography

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Image Source is an independent photography agency producing impactful, effective, emotionally intelligent imagery for visual communications

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