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Optimise Your Images for Search Engines #5 – Image Sitemaps

Gary John Norman / Image Source RF You have a great site, full of outstanding photography. You want to show it to everyone. But the ‘person’ who needs to see it first is Google, and Google needs a map. This week, Alex Jordan’s essential guide to optimising your images for search engines, shows you how […]

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Optimise Your Web Images For Search Engines #4: Captions and Context

Alys Tomlinson / Image Source IE127-013 Photographers! Your beautiful, image-rich portfolio sites are great to showcase work to clients. But to capture the attention of a potential image buyer, you really should read Alex Jordan’s guide to optimising your images for search engines. This week… “Tell the story” This session is part of my image […]

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Optimising Your Web Images for Search Engines #3 – Alt Tags

Image Source / Royalty Free Remember Alt-Rock? Welcome to the world of Alt Tags, the digital stuff that will rock every photographer’s bank account. In this week’s image optimisation tutorial, Alex Jordan explores Alternate Text Attributes I’ve been working with photographers for a little over 6 months and it is very apparent that they want […]

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Expert Retouching Tutorials #1: Beauty

Movie by Lucy Stein In the first of our Photoshop Tutorials, retouching expert Lucy Stein takes the mystery out of great Beauty retouching with simple tools Looking at Beauty retouching tutorials online, they often look very complicated,  full of specialised plug- ins and filters, and with more layers than the storyline of Inception! Sure there are […]

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Image Libraries Versus Going Solo – CEPIC

Image Source / Chihiro Ishino In our continuing round-up of topical photo-industry debates at CEPIC, the charismatic Allen Murabayashi, CEO and Co-Founder of PhotoShelter, outlined the arguments for photographers going it alone or signing up to an image library In an information-rich presentation, Allen Murabayashi laid out the arguments for either photographers selling their own […]

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How To: Make Animated GIFs Using Photoshop

  CREDIT: Image Source wishes you a Merry Gif-mas       If you have Photoshop, you can make a lovely animated GIF, using your own pictures (a Christmas tree, you wearing a Santa hat, whatever you like), that will convey your personal message of Christmas cheer to your friends and family.   Super-cool Cinemagraphs, […]

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