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Gallery - Botanics
Close up of palm leaf

RF  |  IS09B498I

White flower, close-up
Scientist examining GMO plants in laboratory
Close up of flower bud
Close up of lavender leaves
Close up of white petaled flowerhead with yellow stamen
Close up of white flowers
Close up of ivy leaves
Macro photography of pink petaled flower with white and yellow stamen
Purple crocus
Palm leaves
Boy and mother in humid tropical greenhouse, Botanical Gardens, Singapore
Echinops Bannaticus Taplow Blue - Globe Thistle
Still life of succulent plants and roots
Auckland, agave, century plant, close-up
Wild flowers
Close up of flower
Finland, Woman?s hand holding tomato seedling
Close up of common blue butterfly on long grass
Close up of purple wisteria blossoms in garden
Datura Angels Trumpet plant
Green fig tree detail with figs
Close up of wasp feeding on weed with yellow blossom
Studio close-up of gerbera daisy
Honeybee on lavender blossom, Freiburg im Breisgau, Black Forest, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Underwater landscape in spring creek, Croatia, May
Close up of poppies
Green Lacewing (Chrysoperla rufilabris) on pink flowers
Close-up of flowering plant, Aran Islands, Republic of Ireland
Red and brown New Zealand seaweeds, Intertidal Zone, Poor Knights Island Marine Reserve, New Zealand
Cacti, close up
Nature Detail.
Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum), Turkey, Asia Minor, Eurasia
Close up of iris flower
Close-up of cereal plant growing in field
Elephant heads (little red elephants) (Pedicularis groenlandica), Cottonwood Pass, Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, Gunnison National Forest, Colorado, United States of America, North America
Close up of pink rose
Close up of flower on leafy plant
Close up of man's hand preparing plants in laboratory
Horsetail Stem close up (Equisetum)
Tip of New Vine Growth
Weblike Underside of Fungus
The Carnivorous Drosera Anglica
Close-up of Plants, Mirage Hotel and Casino, Paradise, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Bunch of serpentine beans
Close-up of Plants, Mirage Hotel and Casino, Paradise, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Cardon Cactus Needles
A honey bee (Apis mellifica) perched on a flower
Freshwater vegetation decorating the bottom of Cenote Carwash, a thick halocline clouds the surface, Tulum, Mexico
Close up of scientist's hand checking label  in plant growth research centre greenhouse
Close-up of Plants, Mirage Hotel and Casino, Paradise, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Close up of aloe vera plant
Close up of flowers
Denver, Colorado- A flowering medical marijuana plant inside Rx Green Solutions research and dynamics facility. This flower of OG Kush is a popular cannabis strain known for its pain relieving and sed
Ladys slipper orchids
Macro photography of pink petaled flower with yellow stamen
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