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Gallery - From Above
Hands of young woman using loom

RF  |  IS09AZ5TS

Aerial view of Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy
Boy lying down playing with aeroplanes
woman holding on to pillow in bed
Aerial view of rural roundabout
High angle view of modern table in office lobby
Athlete doing a long jump into a sandpit
Overhead view of colleagues in meeting
Aerial view of hedge maze
Colleagues using laptop, high angle
Aerial view of house on coastline
Couple celebrating freedom
Apprentice builders learning how to climb ladders in training facility
Aerial view of hot air balloons
Couple eating tubs of frozen yoghurt treat
Aerial view of three airplanes on runway, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Aerial view of golf course on the Reykjanes peninsula, South West Iceland
Businessman surrounded by papers
Flock of birds over ocean at Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
Young couple falling backwards into pool
Man and woman at meeting table
Baby girl sleeping against drawings on blackboard, overhead view
Two people canoeing in Gulf of Mexico, Destin, Florida, USA
Bremerhaven Car Terminal, Bremen, Germany
Engineers assemble supercar in sports car factory, overhead view
Overhead view of sailing yacht, San Diego, California, USA
Still life of blue paint brush, crayons and colored pencils
Two tourists on beach with shadow of helicopter, Destin, Florida, USA
Teacher practicing pose with ballerina
Overhead view of mature woman relaxing on picnic blanket
Canoes on ljubljanica river
Aerial view of parked container truck, Port Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Overhead portrait of young male soccer player lying on football pitch
Artist materials, laid out on table, overhead view
Overhead view of hairdressers tool belt with scissors, hair clippers and straight razor
Aerial shot of a beach with beach cabins, Monster, South Holland, Netherlands
Aerial view of holiday makers and beach huts on Brighton beach, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Overhead view of men spreading soft cheese on bagel, reading notebook
Ballet dancer doing stretching exercise
Aerial view of a building site
Overhead view of young couple from chest down sitting on wooden decking holding hands
Directly above shot of flowers and photographs on table
Overhead view of gas turbine under repair in gas-fired power station
Overhead view of young couple having breakfast in bed
Overhead view of male weavers hands using old weaving machine in textile mill
Flock of sheep huddled together, elevated view
Overhead view of young woman lying on dining table
Three women having lunch together at home, overhead view
Overhead view of worker finishing metal mould in plastics factory, close up
Overhead view of group of friends relaxing on rug at sunset park party
Overhead view of variety of objects including camera, jeans and smartphone
Overhead view of peas in pea pods on green background
Overhead view of pattern preparation to make blue suit jacket
Young girl playing, wearing astronaut outfit, lying next to cardboard spaceship, elevated view
Tractor in field, aerial view, Lausitz, Brandenburg, Germany
Children apple bobbing
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