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Gallery - Industry
Young male weaver using old weaving machine in textile mill

RF  |  IS09AS7LV

Workers at e-cigarettes battery factory, Guangdong, China
Port, Seattle, Washington, USA
Engineers using crane to lift large steel tube in engineering factory
Captain steering tug out at sea, view of ships bridge and view through window
Female beekeeper looking at honeycomb tray on city allotment
Female student using vice grip in college workshop
Worker at small parts manufacturing factory in China looking through magnifier at microchips
Workers with pipes at gas storage plant
Aircraft engineer working on 737 jet engine in airport
Captain setting the compasses
Worker in crane manufacturing facility, China
Worker wearing protective goggles inspecting car parts in car plant
Close up of baker rolling dough
Female geologist with colleague studying graphical display of oil and gas bearing rock on screens
Young woman working in industrial workshop
Overhead view of male weavers hands using old weaving machine in textile mill
Workers With Molten Steel In Plant
Workers casting shadows on site
Truck driver with worker taking notes
Students using drilling machines in college workshop
Operators in power station control room
Worker smiling at oil refinery
Woodworker sawing timber
Bottles on conveyor belt in bottling plant
Male cooper working in cooperage with whisky casks
Young woman working in industrial workshop
Mature craftsman checking organ pipes in pipe organ workshop
Portrait of tower workers climbing radio tower on offshore windfarm, low angle view
Portrait of engineer at wind farm
Female potter shaping clay bowl on pottery wheel in workshop
Female artisan making ricotta cheese, Tuscany, Italy
Businesswoman thinking at desk
Worker at e-cigarettes battery factory, Guangdong, China
Turbines in power station
Engineers discussing supercar in sports car factory
  Industrial glass blower welding glass tubes
A woman unloads organic goods outside a grocery store
Cropped shot of mature craftsman making notes in organ workshop
Engineer using crane to move industrial gearbox to paint works in engineering factory
Worker at e-cigarettes battery factory, Guangdong, China
Engineers Inspecting Forged Steel
Civil engineers inspecting cable anchorage in suspension bridge.  The Humber Bridge, UK, built in 1981 was the world's largest single-span suspension bridge
Guitar maker measuring wooden guitar shape in workshop
Chef carrying tray of bread in kitchen
Worker at small parts manufacturing factory in China, reaching up to press button on control panel
Portrait of female shop keeper in ice cream shop
Close up of bobbins in industrial loom in textile mill
Working in cast iron foundry
Baker glazing fruit tarts in kitchen
Chef's hand sprinkling flour on gnocchi in commercial kitchen
Engineer inspecting large steel superstructure in engineering factory
Worker using smartphone at shipyard, GoSeong-gun, South Korea
Baker rolling dough in kitchen
Portrait of female project manager on construction site
Violin maker making violins in production studio
Worker stiring molten metal in foundry furnace
Fetching potters wheel at pottery factory
Young woman using hand torch to make jewelry
Worker soldering electronic component
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