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Gallery - Small enterprises
Male carpenter using carpentry equipment on surfboard in surfboard maker's workshop

RF  |  IS09B12IF

Man selling dairy products
A woman unloads organic goods outside a grocery store
Tailor pinning garment on tailors dummy in shop
Young man holding bicycle in repair shop
Milliner showing hat to customer in shop
Female shop assistant reaching for open sign at country store
Female beekeeper and bee smoker on city allotment
Portrait of girl on lemonade stand holding up one hundred euro note
Cheesemonger smelling cheese
Male architect gesturing while working at home office
Granddaughter using smartphone to take photograph of grandfather in hothouse full of chives
Mature men and boy on farm moving hay bales
Young man preparing screen on lightbox in traditional print workshop
Portrait of smiling female vendor selling vegetables at market stall
Market trader enticing shoppers to buy lemon
Female mechanic working on motorcycle in workshop
Instructor guiding knitting class at whiteboard yarn store
Craftswoman using loupe to assemble paper diorama
Man passing food out of hatch of fast food trailer
Coffee tasters sipping coffee with spoon
Woman in shop doorway, arms crossed looking at camera smiling
Hands of young woman using loom
Florist arranging bouquet for customer in flower shop
Woman in sewing workshop looking down smiling
Mixed race businesswoman using digital tablet in office
Young man serving hamburger from fast food van
Rows of old wooden shoe lasts on shelves in traditional shoe shop, selective focus
Portrait confident barista at coffee shop counter
Portrait of four male foundry workers wearing protective clothing in bronze foundry
Close up barber cutting man
Glassblower in protective workwear holding finished vase
Tattoo artist tattooing man?s shoulder
Row of tools in leather workshop
Male worker in leather workshop, punching holes in leather belt, mid section, close-up
Cropped shot of female potter smoothing finished bowl in workshop
Man retrieving walnuts from tree with pole in walnut grove
Prepared food by hatch in fast food trailer
Man in smokehouse holding fish on stick
Senior craftsman working on letterpress with young craftswoman in print workshop, mid section
Sweden, Stockholm, Gamla Stan, Woman choosing christmas wreath at market
Young man using hammer and chisel in repair workshop
Mechanics rebuilding classic car in auto body shop
Woman in office making telephone call, writing
Male coffee shop owner lifting sack of coffee beans in store room
Detail of hand using letterpress machine in book arts workshop, overhead view
Senior male craftsman brainstorming ideas with group of young men and women in book arts workshop
Female tourist buying hotdog at foodstall, New York, USA
Female beekeeper bending to monitor flower crop in rural field, Ural, Russia
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