Monty is a well-known Corporate and Industrial Photographer.

He has been shooting specialist stock photography for Image Source since 2008, and has built a collection of over 12,000 images. Monty specializes in Industry, Science, Engineering and Agriculture. Many of his locations are difficult, dangerous and exciting, and he has developed photographic and lighting techniques to cope with these challenging environments. You will find him happily at home next to 200tonnes of molten steel or out at sea in a small boat or on a large tanker. His business is a husband and wife team and together they specialize in finding these important locations, getting them released and negotiating with companies. They are based in Yorkshire in the UK, which is convenient for heavy industry, and Monty also works worldwide. Besides shooting library imagery, Monty shoots bespoke commissions for major international clients. He is also a writer and performance poet and a keen builder and gardener. He is currently shooting with the Nikon D850 and Elinchrom flash, although he works in a way that produces a natural and medium format look. Influences: Monty has been influenced by the classic modern photographers such as Cartier Bresson, Lee Freidlander, Duane Michaels and Martin Parr and he once met Ansel Adams and “David Bailey told me a funny story!” Favourite Photographic Subjects: Heavy Industry, Nuclear Power and Energy Production, Shipping, Science and Agriculture. Background: Studied Graphics and Photography at Liverpool College of Art BA First Class Honours John Moores Scholarship winner Member of The Association of Photographers.


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