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The radical changes in how business is conducted, where we do business, and those of us engaged in it is reflected in a new business shoot by Flynn Larsen

What were the business trends driving this shoot?

Business references have totally changed in advertising. Art buyers are not so interested in the business handshake, the pristine jacket and ties, the briefcase. So this idea stemmed from a need to change the way we portray Business. More and more companies operate virtually, eliminating the need for a traditional office. I wanted to focus on a couple of young entrepreneurs in a beautiful space with natural light and no offices or cubicles Based on trend research, I came up with a creative office shoot, business people thinking ‘outside-the-box’ in how, and where, they do business.

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How have business/office shoots moved on over the last 10 years?

Like I mention above, our visual interpretation of Business has shifted dramatically. This is not to say that we no longer need the corporate shots of business men and women, but there are new ways to represent business concepts that didn’t exist 10 years ago. Technology is the catalyst for these changes, and it’s exciting to explore and portray how this category is changing, and where it will be in the next 10 years.

Photographer Flynn Larsen has created some highly evocative domestic imagery. What did you think she would bring to visualising the professional space?

Flynn is an incredibly talented photographer, with a lovely eye. She has a natural instinct when shooting family and kids concepts. She felt that she needed to diversify her portfolio a bit, so we brainstormed a few ideas revolving around business themes. We quickly realized it would offer her an opportunity to infuse her emotive look into a traditionally very straightforward category. When she scouted the loft location, we loved the mood. We quickly realized it would offer her an opportunity to infuse her emotive look into a traditionally very straightforward genre of stock.

Mature woman holding diary smiling, portrait
Flynn Larsen / Cultura


What decisions did you make around the casting?

I’ve worked with both of them before and love their energy. They are both actors and immediately hit it off. They both have a great range of emotions and represented a key demographic. They did the shoot in exchange for a small fee and pics for their books.


Flynn Larsen / Cultura
Flynn Larsen / Cultura

Favourite Shot?

This was a really commercially successful shot.

Mature office worker holding mobile phone and smiling in meeting


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