Since my dad handed me an antique film camera at the age of ten, I've been passionate about still image storytelling.

I remember the first image I ever snapped of a wild buffalo on the western plains, during a family road trip. And the anticipation of getting the film developed weeks later, memories rushing back. My passion is creating lifestyle imagery for the outdoor industry and beyond - connecting brands to their markets through visual storytelling, and providing imagery for advertising, print, web, social media and other platforms. I feel at home with a camera whether on an alpine peak, underwater with sharks, or shooting product in the studio. Loading my gear into a backpack for a weekend of shooting outside of cell reception is right in my comfort zone. And when I'm lucky, my client base aligns so tightly with my personal passions, that I can't even tell if it's work or play. As a new dad, it's exciting to see the world through my daughters eyes, and it's shaping the way that I interact with my career and industry - creating meaningful images that not only inspire, but offer hope in hard times.


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