Andrew Brookes

Andrew creates intelligent and creative imagery that that adds value for a brand, helping it to stand out from the competition, to engage new audiences, or to force reappraisal.


You’ve got a blank room set, what would you create? Who would you cast? How would you light it? 

Give me a room full of scientific wizardry and a enthusiastic scientist and enough time to create something meaningful works for me or simply a roll of fibre optic in the studio to create a stunning abstract. 


Three books that have inspired you?

Designed by Peter Saville

One of the most influential graphic designers of my generation, when album covers were part of youth culture.

ŒBen Nicholson –  a beautifully illustrated book by Norbert Lynton.

Ben Nicholson, a pioneer of abstract art in Britain is my favourite artist, he had a wonderful colour palette and his still life’s and landscapes are exquisite.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) Bigoraphy

An insight into the sound track of my youth and they are still creating great music today.

Favourite photo you have taken? 

Favourites are moments of subjectivity but an image which has had longevity would be of the Atomic Clock. I shot this over 17 years ago and has been in NPL visual DNA ever since.

It seems to have a life of its own having been used for the current GREAT Britain campaign and in 2016 was the feature image for the world science day on Bing. Previously, the American Optical Society used it as the lead image on their most iconic photographs at their centennial exhibition. 

EUD002 Atomic Clock_Portrait

What piece of equipment could you not live without? 

I’ve worked solely with Hasselblads all my professional life, so currently the H5 as it brings great depth and tone to my imagery.

What was your first camera, do you still have it?  

The Zenith E, a great robust, reliable and cheap Russian camera with a very basic light meter. Worked well for a beginner experimenting in black and white, part exchanged for the lovely Olympus OM-2 great design which I still have.

Best photo gadget under £50, in your opinion? 

Not a gadget man! but Gaffer tape I can’t live without.

Post-prod software preference? 

Hasselblad Phocus is great camera software. Having started my career using film, this gave me the discipline to get the image as close to perfection during shooting and using Phocus gives you great control. The rest is cleaning up on Photoshop.

Tips on digital storage/back-up?

I use LaCie, never let me down, though I’m starting to sweat now having said that!

What is the most un-techie thing you incorporate into your image makingŠ ?

Coloured gels. Favourite blue, gives a great metallic feel.

A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event? 

I have to discount family photos and news events as it would be impossible to choose.

It’s just a snap but a great memory – the Morgan Aero 8 at Le Mans in 2004. As I walked through the small, dark pit garage and out into the pit lane, I was greeted by a massive vista of the track and the sound of spectators, I hastily took a photo of the retro styled Morgan ready to race with the dominant Porsche and Ferraris – it was a David and Goliath scenario. The car was funded on a shoe string by Morgan enthusiasts like myself and a small team of mechanics and drivers who had given every ounce of their passion to this car.

Mog LM 0024


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