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Local: The Zig and Zag of Flaneur Magazine

As we conclude our exploration of the theme of the local in imagery, we look at the most extravagantly ambitious exploration of this idea – Flaneur magazine. Focussing on one street per issue, its truly innovative mix of editorial, design and photography has drawn attention across the media I was out with John Walters of Eye magazine […]

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Local Experiments: A World of Its Own, Photographic Practices in the Studio

The MOMA New York exhibition “A World of Its Own: Photographic Practices in the Studio” documents photographers’ adventures experimenting with the studio space Who Photographers, artists and videographers from all over the world including Harry Callahan, Julia Margaret Cameron, Robert Frank, Charles Ray, Cindy Sherman, Edward Steichen, William Wegman, and Edward Weston. And Man Ray above, […]

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Photographer’s Eye: Lena Mirisola

It’s often been said that mathematicians do their best work when they’re young, philosophers when old, and photographers…? Lena Mirisola’s does what most talented young creatives do –  explore and blur the boundaries of art and life. There’s plenty of learning that comes with “Experience”, but as we get older, life can become more compartmentalised, the lines drawn […]

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The Local in Advertising: From Georgian Doors, to the Pulp Fiction of Chip Ads, to Jack Daniel’s typefaces

  In an age when we are connected everywhere, visualizing the local in campaigns and communications isn’t straightforward.  We look at a classic print campaign and discover the local played out in poetry and chips When did ‘local’ get so buzzy? When did ‘local’ become not just a matter of geography, but a sign of value, an […]

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Creative Maverick, Dennis Hopper’s The Lost Album

Ashley Jouhar examines an exhibition of photography by Dennis Hopper, with a visual imagination as streetwise, epic and iconic as the America of Easy Rider Who? American actor, director, photographer, all-round creative maverick and cool cat Dennis Hopper. Oh, and famously fell out with Jane Fonda’s brother. What? An exhibition and book release at The Royal […]

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From ‘Imperfection’ to ‘Wabi-Sabi’ to Gap-Toothed Beauty

From the Gap Toothed Model, to highly designed leftover food products to Roland Barthes’ classic photo essay on the ‘punctum’,  looking ‘bad’ is looking good. It seems we are fascinated by the ‘imperfect’ or at last what’s socially judged as imperfect. From the fabricated  ‘oops!’ of lens flare, to eruptions against photo-shopping women in fashion, to gap-toothed […]

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